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“Basic Sport Law” enforcement and the increased budget request for FY 2012 in Japan

After a successful proclamation, the “Basic Sport Law” came into force on August 24, within three months. It agreed the fundamental right in sport for all (Chapter 1) while the creation of an Agency for Sport is expected to help guarantee robust and consolidated policy development.

With legislation in place, policy implementation is an issue. Seeing sport as a strategy area of national policy in Japan, the budget request in sport for 2012 reflects the enthusiasm of the government in developing the robust programme in sport. A total of ¥23.6 billion is requested with the aim “to realise a sport-founded state, the policy for sport, that is a universal culture, is comprehensively and systematically promoted in such areas of the development and enhancement of elite athletes and the creation of opportunities in sport according to the lifestyle”.

This is a 3.6% increase in budget request, compared to ¥2.8 billion budget in 2011, and it also includes ¥5.4 billion request under the special allocation of ¥700 billion for the “Japan Revitalisation Priority Measures”. Furthermore, the budget is requested under the category of “reconstruction expenditure” of ¥32.8 billion. The project for people with disability is, for the first time, included in the budget (¥1.3bn) and national high performance projects, including both a “multi-support medal project” (¥2.8bn) and “a system for the creation of medal-potential athletes’ development” (¥1.3bn), are newly requested.

Press release by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sport, Science and Technology (MEXT): http://www.mext.go.jp/a_menu/yosan/h24/1311668.htm
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