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“Japan Sports 100th Anniversary: A New Leap into a Proud Future”

CENTENARY of Sport in JAPAN, Centennial Ceremony, Tokyo – “Japan Sports 100th Anniversary: A New Leap into a Proud Future”
IOC President Jacques Rogge on ‘values of sport'
100th Anniversary Symposium in Tokyo

2011 is a commemorative year for sport in Japan – The Japan Sports Association (JASA) and the Japanese Olympic Committee (JOC) were established 100 years ago by Jigoro Kano.

On 15 July, Rogge spoke about the values of Olympism and sport. Acknowledging the creation of judo by Jigoro Kano, he praised the values of judo which are shared with Olympism and fair play: tolerance in sport and respect for opponents, referees and oneself are embedded within the rules and in the way people play. Rogge explained the success of sport which, at the same time, encounters such dangers as doping, violence, racism and corruption. The IOC President also stressed the continuous necessity to work towards ensuring a balance between women and men in the board room of sport organisations.

MP Seiko Hashimoto, 7-time winter and summer Olympian and member of the Executive Board of the JOC and the Jigoro Kano Memorial International Sport Institute, gave the keynote address, titled “Sport in Japan: a new challenge”.

A Panel Discussion titled “Sport in the 21st Century and Challenges to Global Issues” was also held, in which MP Kan Suzuki (Minister in charge of Sport), MP Toshiaki Endo (former Minister in charge of Sport and Executive Board of Kano Institute), Mr. Fujio Cho (President of JASA), Mr. Tsunekazu Takeda (President of the JOC and Vice-President of Kano Institute), Ms Mikako Kotani (Former member of IOC Athletes' Commission and Olympic medallist in synchronized swimming), Prof. Koichi Kiku (University of Tsukuba, specialising in sociology of sport) and Prof. Toshio Saeki (coordinator) participated.

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