Three pillar programme areas

Three pillar programme areas

To activate the objectives of the "100-Year Legacy Mission", the work of the Institute will be developed within three pillars which reflect its priorities. These are:

  • Olympic education and research on Olympism
  • The Play True Programme
  • A Global Outreach Programme

These three overarching programme areas are intended to work organically while incorporating global perspectives on the increased value sport brings to human and societal development.

Olympic Education & Research on Olympism

Grounded on Kano's philosophy and the values of Olympism, the Institute aims at promoting Olympic education to develop a balanced human being in mind, intelligence, body and aspiration, while the research programme promotes further understanding of Olympism and the core values of sport into the 21st century. The programme allows for a global perspective in partnership with international experts and international education/ research institutes for informing policy.

Example of activities:
  • Support for Olympic education materials
  • Support for the development of sport educators
  • Research into societal and educational values of sport
  • Research on Jigoro Kano's values in sport and the Olympic Movement
  • Research funding

Play True Programme

The international anti-doping programme seeks a spirit of "Play True", as led by the World Anti-Doping Agency. In partnership with the Japan Anti-Doping Agency, it collaborates to promote anti-doping education and develop experts and management staff in anti-doping, particularly in Asian countries. The Kano Institute also is engaged in multi-disciplinary research that may be applied to the positive promotion of the core spirit of sport and that can contribute to the global promotion of anti-doping activities.

Example of activities:
  • Support for international anti-doping experts and management staff
  • Research on the values of Olympism and anti-doping
  • Research into the promotion of anti-doing education as part of Olympic education
  • Social Science Research into anti-doping and its applications

Global Outreach Programme

The Global Outreach Programme is designed to contribute to the promotion of sport for the purposes of individual, societal and international development. The Kano Institute also acts as a 'clearing house' to make maximum use of all available resources in order to face global challenges, seize opportunities, extend its network and contribute to the promotion of sport.

Example of activities:
  • International cooperation for the development of social and organisational capacity through sport in developing countries
  • Research into the development of global networks for sport
  • Collaboration in the development of junior athletes and coaches
  • Research and support for international development through Sport
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