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Establishment of the Jigoro Kano Memorial International Sport Institute

The Jigoro Kano Memorial International Sport Institute (hereafter the Kano Institute) was inaugurated on the 27th of May 2009, exactly 100 years after Jigoro Kano was elected as the first Asian member of the International Olympic Committee, in order to commemorate the Japanese engagement with the Olympic Movement and to begin building a 21st century legacy.

Prof. Kano established the foundation for sport in Japan by creating the present day Japan Sports Association and the Japanese Olympic Committee. The Institute aims to promote the universal ideals of Olympism both in Japan and across the world and to enhance the core values of sport and its benefits to both individuals and society.

100-Year Legacy Mission

This Institute is being established at the beginning of a new century, and its core aim is to adapt and apply Coubertin's philosophy of Olympism and the educational ideals of Prof. Kano to the challenges of the contemporary world. Many of the challenges facing contemporary society (such as the impact of new technologies, media, and doping) are different from those which existed in the early modern Olympic era, while others represent continuities (for example, the use of sport to educate young people in the values of discipline, positive leadership and team work or to promote social capital). Thus, though the application of the principles of Olympism remains a key task, the means of their application may differ in modern contexts.

The Institute's "100-Year Legacy Mission" is to highlight the significance of sport for realising individual, community and international development.

Prof. Jigoro Kano and Olympism: education through sport

As an educator, Prof. Kano dedicated his life to promoting the holistic development of individuals through sport. His approach of putting sport to service and identifying in it something more, a principle for living, a science or art was reflected in Baron Pierre de Coubertin's philosophy of Olympism. This led to a personal invitation from Baron Coubertin to become an IOC member.

Both men recognised the need to promote the core values of sport internationally, and to establish a basis upon which sport could serve the needs of a changing world, promote international understanding, development and peace.


The Jigoro Kano Memorial International Sport Institute is to promote and enhance the development of sport and the Olympic Movement in Japan and across the globe through Olympic education and research on Olympism, anti-doping activities and international cooperation and development through sport. It was created in commemoration of Prof. Jigoro Kano, the founder of sport in the modern era.

About Our Logo

The Logo was developed to represent both the initials of "Jigoro Kano" and the Japanese character, γ€Œkokoro」.

In Japanese,γ€Œkokoro」is pronounced kokoro and means mind. The Logo signifies Prof. Kano's philosophy that balance in the development of one's body, mind, intelligence and aspiration can be achieved through sport.

The Logo represents the Institute's mission and values, to highlight and develop the use of sport for achieving positive outcomes such as individual, community and international development.

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